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Many of us have experienced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health imbalance as a result of the lockdown and social distancing, maybe bringing unhealed traumas, grief, stress, illness or relationship issues to the surface. Using shamanic practices and healing, imbalances can be tracked and healed bringing people back to a place of balance and reconnection.

Eliana, who is now in her late 80's, has been a healer and shamanic practitioner for 40 years and is now offering Private Shamanic Healing Sessions remotely. Using the Zoom app it will be possible to arrange appointments with her any weekeday except Thursdays.

Every first session will start with a free 20 minute consultation before the main session begins (up to 90 minutes)

To book an appointment you can either:

Telephone - 01963 23468

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*No previous shamanic experience is needed.

First 20 minute Initial Consultation is Free

Cost: £45 for a Full Healing Session

Eliana's Journey

Eliana is known as a gifted Shamanka, Medicine Woman and Healer. She is considered to be the leading teacher of women's Shamanism and the recovering of the Feminine Principle.
Eliana has a Celtic inheritance, she was steeped in Celtic lore from childhood. Her father was a noted pioneer of osteopathy in the UK, and was also a medical 'psychic', her mother was a healer and early Bach Flower practitioner.
The personal quest for Eliana began with Yoga which she has practiced and taught all her adult life. Apart from her original training in Acupressure and Chinese Medicine, she is also an initiate of the Western Sufi Healing Order with Hazrat Inayat Khan. However thirty years ago the Shamanic Path then became her major quest, beginning with Harley Swiftdeer of the Deer Tribe and Brooke Medicine Eagle, the Crow Blackfoot Medicine Woman. Her other significant teachers have been Arwen Dreamwalker, Victor Sanchez from the Toltec tradition, Marilyn Tunneshende, from the Castaneda and Curendera path, and O'Shinnah the Cherokee crystal healing medicine woman. Eliana was honoured by John Twobirds, a Native Elder medicine man, who initiated her as a ceremonial pipe carrier and sweat lodge leader.
More recently Eliana has explored the Inka Traditions where she found a number of teachers including Inti Cesar Malasquz and Dr Alberto Villoldo of the Four Winds Society. She has found this Andean cosmology to be a deeply feminine way of life and spirit. Recently she trained with the Andean Master Shaman Kurak Akulleq and Mystic Don Juan Nunez Del Prado and was initiated 4th level Paquo (Shaman).




Wow! What an incredible experience! And just at the perfect time for me! Thank you and definitely see you soon.

Amanda - London

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me turn my life around. I will be back!

Carol - Yorkshire

Arrived stressed and exhausted, departed feeling fully restored and inspired and I can’t imagine where else that turnaround would be possible.

Susan - Devon

The Middle Piccadilly Story

Middle Piccadilly was established in 1986 by founders Eliana and Gerry Harvey and started life as an innovative healing centre with emphasis on the holistic approach. Currently run by eldest son – Dominic and his wife Lisa - the centre offers over 30 years of Natural Health Expertise and is the foremost Rural Retreat in the country.

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