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Terms & Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions

Once a completed booking form has been accepted in writing by Middle Piccadilly all the persons named on the booking form ("the client(s)") will have entered a binding contract on the basis of these terms & conditions. In these 'terms & conditions' the company shall be Middle Piccadilly, and the 'client(s)' shall be the person(s) wishing to enter a binding contract with the company. The term 'break' refers to the combinations of full board, treatments and baths as detailed in the company's' current brochure. If you have any questions about them please do not hesitate to contact us.


Agreement on the basis of these terms & conditions arise upon the fulfillment of all of the following: receipt by Middle Piccadilly of a properly completed booking form accompanied by the payment or deposit specified in that booking form; clearance of the payment or deposit into Middle Piccadilly's bank account;. Middle Piccadilly reserves the right, in its absolute discretion and without the need to give reasons, to refuse to accept a booking. In such circumstances no agreement arises and Middle Piccadilly will return any payment accompanying the booking form. The agreement is between Middle Piccadilly and the client(s) and is the sole agreement between those parties. No variation of these terms & conditions shall be applicable unless agreed in writing by Middle Piccadilly before the commencement of the client(s) stay at Middle Piccadilly. The person signing the booking form shall be deemed to sign that form for his/herself and as agent for all other persons listed on that form and warrants that he/she is appointed agent for that purpose.


The agreement shall be governed by English law and be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


When you wish to confirm a booking you must sign our Booking Agreement and pay the required amount. When you sign the Booking Agreement you are confirming that you understand, and have accepted our Booking Terms and Conditions, and are signing on behalf of and for all other persons listed on that form. The balance of the fee for any subsequent additions or extras incurred during the stay to be paid on the day of the departure of the client(s)


If the booking is cancelled by the client(s), for any reason, the following cancellation charges will arise:
Prior to 21 days deposit forfeited
21 - 7 days 50% of total package cost
Less than 7 days 100% of total package cost

Prices and Package Description

Whilst we make every effort to keep prices stable the company reserves the right to alter prices at any time without notice. If the alteration results in an increase of more than 15% of the original package cost at the time of booking, the client(s) may cancel the booking and obtain a full refund. The information about the packages and the premises in general at Middle Piccadilly as featured in the current brochure and corresponding websites is given in good faith and believed to be accurate at the time of publication. By signing the booking form, you accept that it may prove necessary to vary or modify a package or its contents if deemed appropriate by the company for whatever reason.

Unused Services

No refund or compensation is payable by the company for any unused services, meals or treatments included in the selected package, nor is such exchangeable or assignable. Client(s) who do not complete their selected package for any reason whatsoever, can not be refunded for a portion or the remainder of the selected package.


The company only accepts liability for injury to a client(s) that is shown to result from negligence on the part of the company. The client(s) acknowledge that loss, damage and expense (including, without limitation, loss of money, loss or damage to clothes or possessions, losses arising on the cancellation of a booking and the expense of delay and harm caused other than by the negligence of the company) howsoever arising is not the responsibility of the company and that the company's liability is hereby limited. The client(s) further acknowledges that the company is entitled to expect its client(s) to rely, where appropriate, on insurance cover and to mitigate any losses accordingly. As a result, the client(s) accepts that it is reasonable for the company to exclude liability for losses in respect of which the client(s) is insured, and such liability is hereby excluded.

Accommodation and Meals

Rooms are available from 4pm on the day of arrival and in some cases on the day of departure it might be necessary to vacate rooms by 11am to facilitate cleaning in preparation for the next client(s), in such an eventuality you will be informed that this is the case. It is normally possible to remain in the room on your day of departure until 2pm at the latest. There is not a maid service available at the centre. All meals served at Middle Piccadilly are vegetarian. So that client(s) may gain the maximum benefit from treatments and to give the body the best opportunity to assimilate these benefits, the meals are kept reasonably simple in nature. Breakfast is continental in style and self service.


If you have cause for complaint during your stay, you must bring it to the attention of the Middle Piccadilly staff, who will do their best to rectify the situation. It is unreasonable to take no action during your visit, but then write a letter of complaint upon your return. However should a problem remain unresolved you should make a complaint to Middle Piccadilly within 14 days from the day of your departure from the centre. We regret we cannot accept liability in relation to any complaint or problem if you fail to notify us strictly in accordance with this paragraph.

All about us...

Please be aware that, however much we love traditional health spas, Middle Piccadilly is NOT a 5 star Pampering Spa. No airs, no graces, no eye candy distractions, all you'll encounter is authenticity, heart and healing on whatever level is appropriate for you. A sanctuary with outstanding treatments, comfortable guest accommodation, freshly created vegetarian cuisine, a charming rural setting and the peaceful ambiance that makes Middle Piccadilly truly unique!

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Terms & Conditions


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