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ReEmerge, Fasting and Lifestyle Retreats

Middle Piccadilly represents your perfect sanctuary – a place to retreat, to heal and to restore your health and well-being.
To help you to achieve this we have created our own selection of retreats for you to experience. To guarantee a more personalized retreat its also possible with our help to make your own combination of treatments to suit.

A La Carte Retreats

Just want to come and stay, enjoy the peace and sample the delicious Middle Piccadilly cuisine and add your own choice of treatments then your A La Carte retreat starts here...

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All inclusive Retreats*

* please note all the retreats below include the cost of your room and all meals as well as the treatments indicated *

ReEmerge Retreat

- 3,4,5,6 or 7 nights

Many of us have experienced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health imbalance as a result of the lockdown and social distancing, maybe bringing up unhealed traumas, grief, stress, illness or relationship issues to the surface. Using shamanic practices and healing, imbalances can be tracked and healed bringing people back to a place of balance and reconnection. Retreat vegetarian meals along with a Shamanic Therapy, a Therapeutic Massage and Quantum Healing.
3 nights: £500 per person

4 nights: £600 per person

5 nights: £700 per person

6 nights: £800 per person

7 nights: £900 per person

Detox Fasting Retreat

- 5 nights

At the heart of the Detox Fasting Retreat are our flavoursome juices. Fasting will give you the opportunity to initiate the cleansing process which, with the support of the treatments as well, will positively impact you on all levels - mind, body and spirit. It is also possible to include a 24 hour water fast if you wish, which is said to induce autophagy which is a detox process the body undergoes to clear out damaged cells and regenerate new healthy ones. The Retreat includes mostly juicing and rawfood along with a Therapeutic Massage, a Reiki, Shamanic Therapy, Lifestyle Review and Yoga.
5 nights (4 day Juice finishing with 1 day Raw): £835 per person

Transform Retreat

- 14 nights

Embark on a healing journey firstly reviewing all aspects of your life and then making significant, positive and empowering changes. A longer stay gives you the opportunity to address all areas of imbalance, trauma, stress on all levels which with the therapists help will bring healing and transformation. The Retreat includes accommodation and all meals, Therapeutic Massage, Reflexology, Shamanic Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Body and Breath, Reiki and Lifestyle Review.
14 nights: £1980 per person

Lifestyle Retreat

- 4, 5,6,7 or 10 nights

This retreat gives you the opportunity to experience optimal health and will help you to identify and release negative lifestyle patterns and replace them with postive, life affirming choices. Can be taken over 4, 5, 6 ,7 or 10 nights. Retreat includes juicing and vegetarian meals along with a Therapeutic Massage, Shamanic Therapy and a Reflexology included.

4 nights (2 day Juice, 2 day Veg): £755 per person

5 nights (3 day Juice, 2 day Veg): £910 per person

6 nights (3 day Juice, 3 day Veg): £1035 per person

7 nights (4 day Juice, 3 day Veg): £1135 per person

10 nights (5 day Juice, 5 day Veg): £1485 per person




Wow! What an incredible experience! And just at the perfect time for me! Thank you and definitely see you soon.

Amanda - London

A big thank you to everyone who has helped me turn my life around. I will be back!

Carol - Yorkshire

Arrived stressed and exhausted, departed feeling fully restored and inspired and I can’t imagine where else that turnaround would be possible.

Susan - Devon


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All about us...

Please be aware that, however much we love traditional health spas, Middle Piccadilly is NOT a 5 star Pampering Spa. No airs, no graces, no eye candy distractions, all you'll encounter is authenticity, heart and healing on whatever level is appropriate for you. A sanctuary with outstanding treatments, comfortable guest accommodation, freshly created vegetarian cuisine, a charming rural setting and the peaceful ambiance that makes Middle Piccadilly truly unique!

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