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The 2020 Cleanse Retreat

Want to clean up your diet and eliminate the impact of alcohol, sugar, processed food and animal products, then the new 2020 CLEANSE RETREAT gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that!

Traditional juicing can leave you feeling hangry, bloated and low in energy not to mention the one unwelcome side effect from the lack of fibre - Constipation!

Feeling refreshed, full of energy and positively glowing is something we all aspire too, well the good news is its possible to cleanse and reboot your diet without the restrictions and side effects associated with a purely juice detox. One way of achieving this is to modify how you intake the fruit and vegetables normally used in a juicing cleanse.

The idea is to maximise the intake of fibres, vitamins and phytonutrients that fruit and vegetables offer.


  • Fibre Full Breakfast Smoothies
  • Leafy Green Salad-rich Liquid Lunches
  • Poached Vegetables Evening Meals

  • Detox Moor Bodywrap
  • Body Brush and Exfoliating Citrus Scrub
  • Heart and Soul Therapy
  • Atlantic Seaweed Soak

  • 3 nights Accommodation


THE 2020 CLEANSE RETREAT - £515 per person (all inclusive)

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A big thank you to everyone who has helped me turn my life around. I will be back!

Carol - Yorkshire

Arrived stressed and exhausted, departed feeling fully restored and inspired and I can’t imagine where else that turnaround would be possible.

Susan - Devon


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Middle Piccadilly was established in 1986 by founders Eliana and Gerry Harvey and started life as an innovative healing centre with emphasis on the holistic approach. Currently run by eldest son – Dominic and his wife Lisa - the centre offers over 30 years of Natural Health Expertise and is the foremost Rural Retreat in the country.

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